What Is Birth Recalibration

The way we are born sets the tone for our experience here.

How we transition from the ethers of The Void into physical matter – matters. Our first experience in life greatly influences the foundation of who and how we are in the world. If this first experience was traumatic, difficult, a struggle in some way; we carry that with us.

However…..We can recalibrate our entry.

We can release the shock and trauma and complete the birthing process, activating our full potential. The effects of fully arriving in our own way, in our own time are profound.

I invite you to feel your body as you navigate this site and if you feel a resonance to recalibrate your birth, I’m here to be with you on this life changing journey.

What happens in a Birth Recalibration session?

What can I expect?

Does Birth Recalibration involve physically acting out the birthing process?

How many sessions will I need to complete all the pathways of birth?

There’s no right answer to this. You could come a few times and that’s what you need. You could come over a period of a year.

Do we meet online or in person?

Yes. We meet via Zoom in a secure online room. You will receive a unique link to join when you book in. To use Zoom you simply click the link and agree to download the app to your computer. It takes up to 2 minutes and then you will automatically enter the room.

Can I see you in person?

Yes, in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire.

What’s the difference between rebirthing and Birth Recalibration?
Rebirthing is a breathing technique designed to dislodge so called ‘blocked’ emotions. It is also called Conscious Breathing. During Rebirthing sessions….

However, Birth Recalibration works specifically to process trauma and difficulties from the experience of birth, so that the process can fully complete.

In Birth Recalibration, there is no specific breathing technique, although you may be guided to connect with and notice your breath during the process.